Choose Which Country to Rent a Campervan, Motorhome or RV:

Mighty Campervan for two people.


Big Sky RV Van Conversion for 2 adults.


Botswana 4WD truck camper


2-berth with shower and toilet Bunk Campers


2-berth van conversion from Touring Cars Helsinki


DRM 2-berth van conversion with shower and toilet Germany.


4-berth camper rental Budapest from Petroni


2-berth sleeper car from Camp Easy in Iceland.


Dublin 2-berth camper van rental with shower from Bunk Campers


4wd Toyota 2-berth truck camper from Britz rentals Windhoek


Amsterdam 6-berth motorhome rental from Pure and McRent


New Zealand 6-berth motorhome rental from Kiwi campers

New Zealand

Portugal VW Camper Rental 4-berth


Scotland 6-berth motorhome rental with Bunk Campers


South Africa 4WD camper with roof tent

South Africa

Mercedes pop-top camper rental Switzerland


UK Camper rental low top.

United Kingdom

Zimbabwe 4WD truck camper from Britz


Who are we?

We started our business in 1998 and have grown from there. is part of

We work with Campervan and Motorhome rental companies from across the world that offer the best range and choice of campervans and motorhomes to rent.

You will find someone to talk to you 24 hours a day. Just click on our contact us to reach us by phone or email.

Our business is established. You can book securely and you can pay with your credit card. We have a long history of helping our clients book the best campervan for their holiday. Try us and See!

’’We only include established rental companies on our booking engine to ensure consistent quality.

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Why Should I Rent a Campervan, Motorhome or RV?

How many times have you thought about taking time out and just going on a road trip? Take a bit of your time to see the wide range of campervans, motorhomes and RVs that you can rent. Looking for a Cheap Hire in the UK or a luxury rental in Australia? The choice is here.

If you want to take the family away for a short break then they will love the 6 berth motorhomes with bunk beds.

The 4-berth with two double beds is just a great option wherever you want to rent and explore. The kids love the double above the cab! In some there are curtains that they can hide behind.

The romantic holiday away from it all is just the best when you escape in a campervan. There are many places where you can free camp. Imagine waking up in the middle of nowhere with the one you love.

Beginners welcome! Everybody has to start somewhere and our friendly staff are here to help you choose the right campervan or motorhome that suits your needs. We make sure that you have the correct size of camper to meet your needs and we are also really good at finding the right campervan that suits your budget.

If you are looking for cheaper vehicles our top tip is to book well in advance. Prices go up the closer you get to collection day.

Late Bookings:

Sometimes we have a chance to take a last minute break or we suddenly decide on taking a camper or motorhome to give extra freedom and flexibility.

Late bookings are always welcome. However, late bookings during high season can sometimes be a challenge.

Our biggest challenge is getting you a vehicle. In some countries the fleet sizes are small so making it a bit more difficult to book the first choice of camper.

These are the steps we take in all bookings including late requests:

  • A customer makes a booking request through our booking engine and enters payment details.

  • We contact the rental supplier and if the customer's first choice of campervan or motorhome is available, then we book it and process payment. Everything is confirmed and the holiday is booked.

  • If the campervan or motorhome is not available no payment is taken. We then contact all the other suppliers that have similar vehicles on their fleet.

  • If other campers are available for the same dates and a similar size of vehicle and for a similar cost, we forward the choice in an email.

  • The customer (you) then reviews this list of options.

  • If not alternatives are chosen, then no payment is processed.

  • If the customer chooses an alternative from our list we then process the payment and confirm the booking and you are all set to go.

Avoid the peak times. Avoid school holidays and public holidays. There are other times when campervans and motorhomes are in high demand. If there is a popular rock festival such as the Glastonbury Festival in the UK or Burning Man in the USA the motorhomes and campervans are at a premium.

Maximise your time and look at collecting a camper in one location and returning it in another. This is very popular in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada. It is a bit more challenging in Europe but not impossible.

If you are an experienced campervan or motorhome renter then you probably know what you want. We can guarantee you will find enough choice to satisfy your needs. Let us know if you can't find what you want. Sometimes there are a different range of vehicles at a different depot. You may only have to change where you want to collect the camper from to get exactly what you want.

20+ Years

We are very experienced. After 20 years arranging campervan hire and motorhome rental for our clients, we are very good.

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